Can you be all thumb, or completely at night when it comes to tying or braiding a necktie? You’re not alone. Although it’s an extremely important fashion skill for a well-dressed man, the real art of tying neckties appears to be lost in today’s society.

Generally there are, actually over a hundred and eighty ways to tie a necktie. If that amount sounds intimidating, relax. Many of these methods chop down off the charts years ago and there are incredibly few knots actually used today in most groups. Still, a custom neckties is a central part of dressing for success, and rendering it look right is equally as important. Consequently, with all these options, what’s the simple answer? It gets in a knot developed in the past by one of the most ancient and most fashion-conscious organizations of our world.

Keep in mind the adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention”? British horsemen needed a way to tie their scarves while holding the reigns of four race horses. This need was packed by a knot that could be easily and quickly tied up with one hand as the horses were manipulated with the other. Voila – or more appropriately, Simply by Jove! The famous Four-in-Hand necktie knot was given birth to.

Because of its convenience, the Four-in-Hand knot is still used today and is actually one of the most commonly used methods to tie a necktie. It creates a well-balanced, uniform knot gowns easily adjusted for comfortableness the size of the knot can be mixed to match any costume in your wardrobe. This kind of time-tested knot can be mastered with almost no practice and is very well suited to the novice. Whilst it’s easy enough to tie one handed, we recommend using both hands, unless, of course, you have horses to carry. It could be the only knot you ever need to tie your neckties.

“And how”, you might well ask, “is it done? inch As promised, quite simply: Start with your back of the shirt buttoned and flipped upwards. Your tie should be draped right-side-out around your neck with the large end at your major hand. (We’ll assume here that you have been right-handed, so southpaws will likely need to reverse these guidelines horizontally. ) Leave a little more length on the wide end – you’ll learn with practice how to modify this for your height.

Go away the wide end over the narrow and again under it so it can pointing to your right and the seam is now out. Then complete it back above the small end again and upwards through the loop you might have formed around your guitar neck. The wide end then comes down through the exterior loop you produced about the narrow end. Grab the narrow end, which should now be underneath the wide one, and slide the knot way up with your other side to draw it tightly held.

That’s it. Pulling the wide end downward will tighten the knot and make it smaller. Take the narrow end to tighten it around your neck. In case the knot does not appear completely symmetrical, avoid panic, it’s normal. Bear in mind, this knot was created for simplicity. Tied loose, it creates an every day look and pulled more snugly it’s acceptable for most formal occasions.