If you have ever spoken with an interior designer or read an article about home decorating, it’s likely you’ve heard the words chic, modern, or minimalistic. These may sound like complex words, however, there is a science behind what these terms mean when it comes to home decorating. By understanding what popular themes are comprised of, you can better converse with your interior designer about the look you are going for in your home.


Modern is one of the most popular themes that homeowners choose to go with. You can think of this style as comprised of a simple color palette, typically with whites, black, greys, blues, and browns. The materials commonly used for this theme are metals, woods, and glass. Every component of each room in the home is comprised of crisp lines that portray a clean environment. Many refer to this type of theme as sleek and non-cluttered.


This theme is a step further than the modern theme when it comes to simplicity. These homes are furnished with neutral color palettes that provide a simple look of wide open space. This concept is based on using homes for their functionality rather than for clutter. With the minimalistic theme, there is little decor and all furniture has clean lines.


Industrial style homes or apartments are based on the concept of replicating a loft or warehouse. These rooms come with high ceilings that have hanging metal fixtures. Wood brings an unfinished raw look to this theme and accents the high ceilings. It’s very common to see exposed ductwork, bricks, and wood through rooms that furnish an industrial theme. This design rests mainly on the natural colors of the materials in which the room is crafted out of. There are typically a few abstract pieces of artwork or small greenhouses, such as the ones from vincentdesign.com.au, that add a small splash of color against the natural backdrop.


The traditional home furnishing theme is derived from European roots and boasts deep layers that create depth and dimensionality. These rooms are decorated with finished wood, endless furnishings with ornate details, and various textured patterns in fabrics. The traditional style is meant to provide an elaborate journey for the eyes as various accessories keep drawing the viewer throughout the room.


Another theme that draws inspiration from nature is the rustic theme. This theme boasts unfinished and raw elements that are mainly comprised of stone and wood. It’s very common to see vaulted ceilings and wooden beams in this style as they create specific architectural details that emulate the warm of the rustic style. Outdoor items such as plants, wood, and flowers are typically incorporated throughout the rooms garnished in this older style.

There are many different themes that homeowners can opt to furnish their home with. The above are just five of the many different themes that interior designers can help you to construct in your home. We encourage you to take the time to study your theme so that you can furnish your rooms with the right housewares that fit your desired style.