Majority of us women are those who take their eyelashes for granted and all we ever do for them is to apply mascara on them to make them look long and full. Else we pay no attention to their care and health and often forget even if they exist. The eyelashes are hair, just like the other hair on our scalp. So if you wonder do eyelashes grow back, well the answer is a big yes. They are hair, just like different hair and they need nutrition and care just like the other hair on your body.

Here we have gathered some tips that will help you get not only the longer eyelashes at home with some simple home remedies but will also help you get healthy and full eyelashes that no other beauty product can provide.

  1. The hair on the eyelashes is small and delicate compared to the hair on your scalp so you need to be patient with them as they will require more time to regrow and get healthier compared to the hair on your head. In the very first place, you are required to make sure that the damage is minimal to the lashes. Do not pluck them or cut them without any proper reason.
  2. Brushing the eyelashes just the way you brush your hair on the head is also a tip to make them look longer. So buy an eyelash comb and comb them regularly to get the desired results. Comb the lashes even after applying mascara to prevent any clumps from appearing.
  3. Make use of natural oils to prevent the lashes from breakage. Oils are perfect for your hair, just the way the hair on your head require moisture on a regular basis, so does the hair on your lashes need the oil to grow and get strong. So put on the oil everynight on your lashes.

You might wonder which oil you should pick so you could get longer eyelashes in the shorter time. The answer is the castor oil, almond oil, and olive oil. All these oils help the hair on your lashes grow longer and get thicker compared to the other oils.

  1. The diet you take also depends on the growth and health of your eyelashes if your food contains the balanced amount of vitamins and nutrients you will see a visible change in the health of your lashes and other hair on your body. Vitamins and proteins play a vital role in the health of your scalp, and different hair so says no to the fatty diet with a lot of junk and say hello to natural foods.
  2. Fake eyelashes could damage the skin on your lid so try to avoid them as much as you can. The glue you put on to attach the false lashes is glue, which means it contains chemicals and adhesives to get stuck to the lash and they could be harmful to your eye as well.